Marlene Flaherty

Associate Facilitator

Marlene joins the Good Group Decisions team with a passion for bringing people together to make positive change.

Growing up in rural Washington County, Maine – she was exposed to the importance and resilience of community connection. She has lived and worked in a wide variety of places; ranging from New York City to Beaver Crossing, Nebraska.

Her years in national service and the nonprofit sector gave her a platform to identify strategies for building productive team dynamics, strategic planning, and resource sharing. She has been serving communities and aiding organizations to become more efficient and widen their impact for 9 years.

Having lead direct-service projects in areas ranging from Disaster Response and Recovery to Food Insecurity, she has seen the power of community and connection in action. She has facilitated trainings, discussions, briefings, and service-learning retreats for organizations and members working in adverse conditions to respond to and solve social issues.

She has facilitated meetings for Boards of Directors, run state-wide conferences, and created forums for meaningful conversations.

Marlene has experience and enjoys working with groups that focus on youth and education, urban and rural development, environmental conservation, disaster preparedness, and community development.

After earning her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Berkeley College Marlene served as an AmeriCorps National Civilian Corps member and leader, a City Year Literacy Coach, and an AmeriCorps VISTA member.

She was recognized for her 7,000+ hours serving communities by earning the Presidential Award for Service and the Congressional Award for Service.

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