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In this video Craig explains how his free Tips, Videos, and Handouts address many common complaints about meetings, communications, and group decision making.

Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hey everybody. Hey, it’s Craig Freshley here.

Making decisions in groups is hard. Here are the complaints we hear, first of all about meetings. Oh my gosh, a lot of people really hate meetings. Meetings are a waste of time. The people who run meetings aren’t very good at doing it. We go over the same ground over and over again. The results of meetings are not well documented. No one’s really sure what we decided and there is poor follow-up. I could go on and on listing complaints about meetings. And I bet you could to.

Another thing about group decision-making, not just in meetings but outside of meetings, we actually have to talk with each other! And communicating with each other and coming to agreement whether we’re in a meeting or trying to do it by email or through videoconferencing or even in person at the water cooler, it’s hard work. We often find ourselves in conflict and disagreement.

For these reasons people tend to shy away from true group decision-making and true collaboration.

Yet I find, and you may find this too, that the best decisions, the breakthrough outcomes, the creative innovative solutions, come through group decision-making and true collaboration. So I have made a career out of studying how can we make decisions in groups; how can we communicate with each other how can we resolve and address conflict in ways that make it relatively painless and set us up for breakthrough, high-five, innovative, creative, win-win solutions.

I have written hundreds of Tips. I’ve made videos. And I’ve written a lot of handouts. And I’ve made them all available for free at my website I want you to go there and I want you to use these resources. I want you to share these resources with others. The Tips are each simple one-page write-ups. It explains, like, a fundamental timeless principle and then it explains a practical way to apply it. The videos are on all kinds of different topics to do with a group decision-making. And the handouts also, several different topics.

These resources are organized by Tips, Videos, Handouts, but they are also organized by topic: Attitude, and Personal Growth, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Group Technique, and I don’t know maybe one or two others. At my website you can search on a keyword to find the right Tip, Video, or Handout that will help you with the struggle that you are having in terms of group decision-making. Now these resources are not just for meeting leaders. They are also for meeting participants. They are for all of us because we all have a role in helping our groups make good decisions.

I guess that’s about it; just wanted to explain a little bit about the resources available to you to help your group make good decisions.

And drop me a line! If you visit my website tell me what you think, comment on what I’ve shared there, and if you have your own ideas about what works well, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

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