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At least two ways

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In principle, there are at least two ways to solve every problem. When we are able to be nonjudgmental, we are able to see problems not as problems at all but as misalignments. For example, the problem is not that I am right and you are wrong, it is simply that we see things differently. The problem is not that we are spending too much, it is simply that we are spending more than we are earning. When we see difficulties as misalignments rather than problems, it is easier to see more solutions. For example, you could change your view or I could change mine. We could decrease expenses or we could increase revenues.

Practical Tip: When faced with a problem remember there are always at least two ways to solve it. See problems as misalignments, without judgment. Identify all the creative ways to achieve alignment.

– Craig Freshley

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2 thoughts on “At least two ways

  1. Over the years my wife and I have argued over how to make the rice for dinner. She has her way that works and I have my way, works well much of the time. Though we have turned this into a metaphor, we do have a greater understanding of how we perceive different ways of doing things around the house or with decisions on raising our two sons. The end result if that we are now much more open to viewing things differently and considering other ways of doing things (cooking the rice!)……

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