Reviews of The Wisdom of Group Decisions


“What a terrific reminder of what works! Even the most experienced decision makers will benefit from the common-sense nuggets in this jam-packed little book.”

–      Angus King, U.S. Senator and former Governor of Maine


“A perfect reflection piece to pick up and find a centered reaction to common group challenges.”

–       Jim Nelson, Nelson Facilitation

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“My favorite nuggets include reminders that single deciders have built empires in which a few individuals win, but the planet loses. Sustainable decisions come from a ‘tree of collaboration’ rather than ‘a chain of command.’ “

–       Review by Judith Favor in the Friends Journal, January 2012

See Judith’s full review here (PDF)


“The material is easy to read and, at the same time, thought-provoking. The author’s discussion of collaborative decision-making and linear decision-making is insightful and helpful for individuals who find themselves both as facilitators and participants in group experiences.”

–       Review by Jerry Mings in the IAF Global Flipchart, September 2010

See Jerry’s full review here (PDF)


“Craig Freshley is enthusiastic and encouraging.”

In November 2010, Craig was interviewed by Maxine Attong for the IAF Latin American and Caribbean Newsletter. Read the interview here (PDF)