The Wisdom of Group Decisions

Meet the people who made the book:


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Nick Humez, Indexer

Nick Humez has served on the boards of various nonprofit groups since the mid-1970s while pursuing dual careers as a silversmith and publishing-trades freelancer (including a Life Membership in the British Society of Indexers.) He is author/co-author of a half-dozen books, the most recent being On the Dot: The Speck That Changed the World with his brother, Alex Humez (Oxford University Press: 2008). During the 1990s he was also principal music reporter for the Maine Sunday Telegram and its sister daily, the Portland Press Herald, going on to teach mythology in New Jersey at Montclair State University. He and his wife now live in Ohio. (Photo: Leslie Edwards Humez)

“Of all the books for which I have written indexes, Craig’s is right in the front of the pack. Its solid, proven advice rings true for anyone who has ever tried to solve a problem in a group or simply work through an agenda. Its underlying philosophy of respect for diversity of viewpoints and the value of positioned knowledge is a refreshing change from the monolithic hierarchies and arrogant suppression of dissenting voices characteristic of all too many organizations from failed presidencies to dysfunctional families. The world needs more books like this one, and it has been a real pleasure for me to have played my small part in getting it into press.”

Cynthia Brownell-100 wide-for web-darkened

Cynthia Brownell, Illustrator

Cynthia Brownell is an illustrator who is also a K-12 Art Teacher in a small rural school district in upstate New York. She has lived in the Adirondack Mts, Alaska, and now currently resides in Central New York. She loves everything about her family, nature, and art!!!!

“I found Craig was responsive to new ideas and wasn’t afraid to let me know if something needed to be changed or revised. It was nice working with someone so responsive. We were able to bounce ideas off each other and come to agreeable solutions. A very pleasant experience. I would definitely work with Craig again.”

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Darcy Rollins Saas, Copy Editor

Darcy Saas is the Deputy Director of the New England Public Policy Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. She is also a freelance copy editor and lives north of Boston with her husband and children. Click here to view Darcy’s website at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

“Copy editing this book was very rewarding: not only did I get to work with my former mentor and friend again, but it afforded me an opportunity to deeply consider how to promote kindness and thoughtfulness in my work environment. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Nancy Poes-100 wide-for web

Nancy Poes, Front Cover Artist

Nancy Poes is a full-time artist working in Santa Fe, New Mexico after twenty years in Honolulu, Hawaii. She says it is tough but someone has to do it!! Click here to learn more about Nancy and her paintings.

“I am very impressed with Craig’s writings and find a lot of wisdom in them. I think they are applicable to many of life’s relationships. I think the world of Craig and was very, very pleased that he chose my painting for the cover of this book.”

The full-size painting from which the cover image is lifted, is 5′ by 6′ acrylic and mixed media on canvas. The painting currently resides in the lobby of a Los Angeles law firm.

Jen Cigno-100 wide-for web

Jennifer Cigno, Cover Designer

Jen Cigno is a Freelance Graphic Designer, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a happy mom of a energetic two year old son, named Cody, who if she takes her eyes off of him…she has a big mess to clean up.

“Working with Craig on this book was an honor and a pleasure. Craig’s commitment and passion to every detail of the book will surely make it a great success.”

Elizabeth Andrews-100 wide-for web

Elizabeth Andrews, Back Cover Photographer

Elizabeth Andrews is a resident of Two Echo Cohousing Community who has only survived the meetings at times because of the kinds of techniques and skills that Craig has brought to us. Retired founder of Babybag of Maine, Inc., she has recently turned 60, enjoys her friends and family, photography and the outdoors.

Jim Martin-100 wide-for web

Jim Martin, Early Editor and Supporter

Jim Martin works in a team as an editor for a large educational publisher in Stuttgart, Germany. He has also written a dozen textbooks in teams over the past 15 years.

“Over these past couple of years, I have personally and professionally profited from Craig’s weekly Group Decision Tips. His insights into all aspects of group dynamics and decision-making have helped me better appreciate the people I work with and realize the potential we have when we work together. I enjoyed reading the manuscript as a whole and I heartily believe anyone who deals with others will profit from Craig’s wisdom.”


Craig Freshley, Author and Publisher

Craig is the President of Good Group Decisions and has been collecting ideas for this book for many years. He continues to write new Principles and Tips that he sends to subscribers and also posts here. Learn more about Craig here.

“What a great team this has been to work with!

I love being an Independent Publisher. Whew! There’s a lot to it. However, it’s very cool that the internet and digital technology makes it all possible for a small company like mine.”


A special word of thanks to our original web guy: Rick Dieffenbach of Allure Interactive Web. Rick helped build Craig’s first dream website for Good Group Decisions. Rick has been a key player in the success of Craig’s company and in the marketing and promotion of this book. Thanks Rick!

Cecile Williams

And another special word of thanks to Cecile Williams, Interactive Designer, for our beautiful new website and book marketing images.