Attitude and Personal Growth

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If it fits in my head, it’s probably too small

Ask, don’t tell


Multiple truths

Make others look good

My responsibility

Adapt, migrate, or perish


Best we could with what we had


Things undone

Trust takes over


Moral compass

Bring you

Credit the group

Earth community

Free from past

Understanding is always partial

Not all about money

My part

Mis-takes to high stakes


Okay to change your mind

Role of the Chair Person

I didn’t do anything wrong

Not her fault, her type

If your glass is half empty, get a smaller glass


Take a step



More wagging, less barking


Many Stories, Many Truths

Act as if

Feedback is a gift


Good in everyone

Speak your truth and let go


Attribution Bias


Us over me

I don’t know

Rules and relationships

Foretell the sunny side

Leaders consider multiple interests

I believe in us

People are complicated and colorful


The seduction of urgency

Light of God in Every Person

I am the Solution

Separate inputs from outcomes

Strong Decisions Vs. Weak Decisions

Choices are never perfect, choose anyway

Find what makes you great

Make deposits before withdrawals

Do What’s Light

Cheap fiction or great literature?

The Best I Can Do Is Pray

Understanding and Trust: Both Required

Leadership is inspiring, not requiring

Doin’ Good

Ready for Good from Anywhere

How to help have a great meeting – Responsibility for Attitude

Science trumps intuition