What Adults Don’t Get

Shows of Respect


The Gatherings

Please stop talking

Talk or Text

History brought to life through stories

Good news is worth paying for

A way to talk

How to talk across our political divide

Zoom Tips and Tools

Group Process Guidelines (Ground Rules) by Larry Dansinger

Zoom Facilitation Links

Good information compels

Zoom Meeting Basics

Do what you say

Public input in many ways


In-front-of messaging

Difference between launch and land

Heads up

A Complete Listener

Self Evident

The Why and What of Positive Group Dynamics

On behalf cautions

Criticism private

Teacher Appreciation

Direct communication

How to Talk to an Adversary, with Respect

Say your third thought

Start with a question

Men, Make Room

What is a vision statement?

Reflective pause

Positive feedback

Make the most of your pre-meeting

Demonstrate listening

When you speak from personal experience

A Culture of Listening

No complaining without contribution

Talk or listen

Feedback is a gift

Written words clarify


Are you listening? Four levels of proof

Lawn signs and bumper stickers

Chairs in a circle


Business Cards Rock!

Three Ways to Shred Rapport

Gender respect: yes, please

You can’t uncommunicate

The best arguments

Intergenerational Communications – How to talk about it


Citizen Democracy


Empathy and Respect

Face-to-face is still the best

How to NOT be invisible in meetings

Don’t leave me hanging! – Advice for e-communication

Disability friendly meeting technology

Jokes and Sarcasm Reveal Character and Culture

Show What You Think

Nonviolent Communication

Feedback / Performance Evaluation

Cooperative Communications