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Change to stay the same

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In principle, how things are now (the market share of our company, the mission impact of our nonprofit, the effectiveness of our government) depends on the interaction of two things: us and the world around us.

If our company, nonprofit or government does not change in spite of a changing world, then things don’t stay the same for us in spite of our stagnation. We have to change for things to stay the same: to maintain market share, mission impact, and effectiveness.

Practical Tip: Decide what things you want to stay the same, like “maintain market share,” or “keep serving the most needy people.” Then make a strategy to achieve those things. Include in the strategy changes that will need to be made. Do not assume that “maintain” or “keep” will be achieved with no changes. Then implement the strategy. Do things.

It is a bit like sailing a boat. For your course to stay the same you have to constantly change how the sails are set. Because the world around you – wind, weather, and waves – is always changing.

– Craig Freshley

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4 thoughts on “Change to stay the same

  1. The change that most resist is the change within. This is what is required now. One might say that the the old “search engine” no longer works. External decision making is no longer effective, or at best a band aid. Internal decision making individually and collectively as a group is now primary, necessary in order to move forward.

  2. Great way to put it, especially for those who resist change, love things they way they are (or used to be)…Sheds new light! Thanks Craig – Lisa

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