Clients: 2005

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Camp Kieve and Wavus Camps (2005)

Situated on opposite ends of Damariscotta Lake, the boards of directors of these camps engaged in seven months of discussions, which initially began as explorations on how to collaborate, but which resulted in a complete merger of the two organizations. With many details to work out, they jointly hired us to facilitate their meetings and bring them to a very satisfying win-win agreement.

DuPont (2005-2020)

DuPont (formerly FMC) manufactures carrageenan in Rockland, Maine. As part of its Responsible Care initiative, the company retained us to facilitate a community advisory panel. The group met every two months and served as a forum for learning and dialogue between plant managers and community leaders.

Elder Issues Partnership (2004-2012)

A large coalition of organizations that serve elderly in various ways banded together in a coalition and retained us to facilitate their monthly meetings which always consisted of exchanging information about state and federal policy initiatives and often included outside speakers on topics of interest. In addition, we provided complete secretariat services which included meeting write up and distribution, handling all correspondence, managing a website and list serve on behalf of the group, and arranging meeting facilities. The group tried to influence state policy to better serve elderly people. More recently, we were hired to facilitate a strategic planning meeting for the coalition.

Genetics Squared (2005)

This Ann Arbor, Michigan startup company asked our help with developing communications and decision making norms among its executive leadership team. They wanted a culture of collaboration, yet the fast pace of their work environment demanded efficiency. We helped them find the balance.

Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, Health, and Wellness (2005)

This Governor-appointed Council hired us to plan and facilitate a highly interactive one-day retreat. The group affirmed their mission and determined specific goals and actions to make them more effective. We also prepared a written report of the meeting.

Habitat for Humanity – Bath/Brunswick Area (2005)

The Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity – Bath/Brunswick Area was poised to go to the next level of sophistication: from building 3 or 4 homes per year to building 5 to 7 homes per year. They hired us to facilitate a board retreat and prepare a report which defined the specific steps required to achieve their goals.

Kieve-Wavus Education, Inc. (2005)

This newly formed organization, a merger of Camp Kieve and Wavus Camps, held its first board meeting over two days on the shores of Damariscotta Lake. We were hired to plan the agenda, facilitate the meetings, and prepare meeting reports.

Lake Region Development Council (2005)

This day-long retreat on the shores of Sebago Lake included a mock “TV Talk Show,” brainstorming what the organization should be known for, consensus on two primary areas of focus for the organization, and specific action plans for the near future with measurable objectives. We were hired by Enterprise Maine to facilitate the retreat and prepare a report.

Leominster High School (2005)

Senior administrative staff of this 1800-student High School in Massachusetts came for a weekend retreat to Camp Kieve on the shores of Damariscotta Lake. They are organizing into five distinct “small schools” and thus needed to work out many details about how the five headmasters will work collaboratively and independently. We facilitated the meeting and wrote the meeting report; a documentation of their new agreements. The Kieve team-building staff also helped them build trust and improve communication skills, making full use of Kieve’s “outdoor classrooms.”

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (2005)

This non-profit advocacy group hired us to facilitate a strategic planning retreat in two parts. In October,2004 we helped them analyze their strengths and weaknesses and develop consensus on a vision. In early 2005, we helped them establish strategic directions and specific action plans.

Maine Center for Disease Control (2005)

We were hired by the Maine Center for Disease Control (formerly the Bureau of Public Health) and the Muskie School for Public Service to facilitate four break-out sessions for a full-day, statewide conference on Pandemic Flu Planning for Communities.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services (2005)

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services was awarded a grant to develop a statewide Oral Health Improvement Plan in collaboration with stakeholders ranging from regulators to providers. We were sub-contracted by Medical Care Development to facilitate meetings of Maine’s Oral Health Advisory Committee, to facilitate a statewide conference, and to write the resulting plan.

Maine Development Foundation (2005-Fall)

Given their new leadership and substantial challenges in a changing marketplace, this statewide “champion of sustainable, long-term economic growth for Maine” hired us to plan and facilitate a full-day board meeting and prepare the meeting report.

Merriconeag Waldorf School (2005-2009)

In various capacities, including volunteer Board Chair, Craig has served as a consultant to the Merriconeag Waldorf School parents, faculty, and board members on issues including the school’s overall growth and development and specific projects.

North Country Associates (2005)

North Country Associates is a leading provider of post acute Medicare skilled nursing, rehabilitation and long term care in New England. This private corporation operates 20 facilities and has about 1600 employees. They hired us to work with their senior management team over a six month period to improve communications and overall productivity, and help establish their strategic direction.

Opportunity Center of North Franklin County (2005)

When Lauri toy manufacturing company closed its doors in Avon, Maine, it left behind a terrific facility which local community leaders are now rallying around. A non-profit corporation was formed to use the facility in innovative ways to prepare workers for new jobs in growing industries and to bring education, services, and culture to an area that has been previously underserved. CEI, in partnership with the Western Maine Sustainable Development Collaborative, hired us to help with strategic planning and organizational development.

Quality Review Committee (2005)

The Quality Review Committee is a state-chartered group with responsibilities to review the quality of work that Elder Independence of Maine delivers to about 3,000 consumers of home-based care services throughout Maine. They hired us to facilitate a strategic planning session to re-consider their overall mission and scope of work.

Quality Review Council (2005-2012)

The Quality Review Council is established by state law to review homecare services provided by Elder Independence of Maine. The Council reviews quality reports and also works on short-term, high priority projects to improve home care. We were retained to facilitate all regular meetings of the Council.

School Union 52 (2005)

The town of Winslow, Maine has aging public schools and needed to make some hard decisions about which to close and how to consolidate. The School Committee convened a large public forum to present four potential options and provide townspeople a chance to ask questions and make comments. Hired by School Union 52 (Winslow, China, Vassalboro), we facilitated the discussion, administered a straw poll during the meeting, and wrote a report which included a summmary of all the questions and comments.

Western Maine Sustainable Development Collaborative (2005)

Four organizations, Coastal Enterprises, Inc., Maine Center for Economic Policy, Mountain Counties Heritage Network, and the Western Mountains Alliance, joined together “to harness and encourage multiple efforts to achieve regional sustainable development that balances economic, environmental, and community values.” For over two years, Craig facilitated their regular, half-day meetings.

Western Mountains Alliance (2005)

For the fourth year in a row, we were hired by the Western Mountains Alliance to deliver the opening session of Lead Western Maine. This is a 9-month leader training program organized around actual collaborative projects in Western Maine. Each year, the one-day training covers learning styles, what motivates leaders and followers, leadership characteristics, model meeting behaviors, and more.