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Atlantic Mariculture (2017-2023)

Atlantic Mariculture harvests and sells certified organic sea vegetables, located on the island of Grand Manan, New Brunswick. We were hired to plan and facilitate a strategic planning session with the staff on Grand Manan.

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (2023)

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is an independent, nonprofit research institute located in East Boothbay, Maine. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, Bigelow Laboratory scientists use innovative approaches to study the foundation of global ocean health and unlock its potential to improve the future for all life on our planet. They’ve hired me for some training.

Bioscience Association of Maine (2021-2023)

The Bioscience Association of Maine (BioME) is a trade organization which promotes the industry’s steady growth, interprets its benefits to the public, and influences pertinent public policy. They hired Craig to facilitate a full-day Board Retreat establish future goals and plans.

ChIME – The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (2023)

The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine – ChIME – is an institution dedicated to serving communities by offering a multitude of opportunities for individuals to explore what it is to live with integrity, Spiritual Presence and Prophetic Voice. They have hired me for a workshop at Maine Coast Waldorf School scheduled for April 1, 2023, part of which will be open to the public. We will discuss Listening Across Differences.

Dragon Cement (2010-2023)

To foster good relations and communications with their neighbors, Dragon Cement of Thomaston hires me to facilitate regular meetings of their Community Advisory Panel made up of local government, nonprofit, and business leaders.

Fedco Seeds (2022-2023)

Based in Clinton, Maine, FEDCO is a cooperative, one of the few seed companies so organized in the United States. Profit is not the primary goal. Consumers own 60% of the cooperative and worker members 40%. The cooperative structure gives workers a real voice in running the company and a real stake in its success. FEDCO has hired me to help them with strategic planning.

Friends World Committee for Consultation (2023)

The Friends World Committee for Consultation has engaged me to deliver a workshop at their upcoming Section of the America’s Conference. This is a Quaker group and the topic will be: Together We Decide: Practical Tools for What the World Needs. You can attend in-person or online. Details here.

Gardiner City Council (2009-2023)

As they have in the past, the Gardiner City Council hired us to facilitate a workshop to take stock of recent accomplishments, update Council interaction guidelines, and establish Council goals for the coming year. Gardiner is a city of about 6,000 on the banks of the Kennebec River in Maine.

Goodwill Northern New England (2023)

Goodwill’s motto is, “a hand up, not a hand out.” It’s part of their mission to teach people the skills to achieve personal stability; skills like job preparedness and career training. Personal stability looks different for everyone, which is why they provide supports and services through healthcare, workforce and cleaning that help any person get to stability. They have hired Craig to facilitate a strategic planning process among the board and staff leaders.

Greater Portland Council of Governments – Chairs in a Circle (2019-2022)

As in the past, Craig has been hired to facilitate a session of town and city council chairs and vice chairs to share best practices and lessons with each other.

The Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) is a nonprofit organization that assists with cooperative services such as bulk purchasing, transportation planning, data, mapping, and economic and community development. GPCOG’s members include 26 municipalities from Casco Bay to western Cumberland County, along with the County itself and other affiliate organizations.

Kennebec Behavioral Health (2011-2023)

Kennebec Behavioral Health promotes the well-being of persons who experience mental illness, emotional difficulties or behavioral challenges. KBH provides one of the most comprehensive community mental health centers in Maine, with 21 sites in central Maine, and programs reaching from Rockland to Lewiston. Craig has been hired to work with the Senior Management Team on Strategic Planning and Organizational Development.

Maine Public (2023)

Every day, Maine Public connects the people of Maine and our region to each other and to the world through the open exchange of information, ideas, and cultural content. They run Maine Public Radio, Maine Public Television, and Maine Public Online. Five years ago they hired me to help them develop their strategic plan. They’ve invited me back to help them update the plan.

NAHGA Claim Services (2016, 2023)

Part of the Chalmers Insurance Group, NAHGA Claim Services provides third party claims administration, specializing in sports associations and student athletic programs. We were hired to plan and facilitate a strategic planning retreat among company leaders to build shared understanding of the company’s core competencies, future opportunities, strategic direction, and productivity and accountability protocols.

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) (2023)

The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) supports environmental educators with professional development, guidelines for excellence, networking, and advocacy. They have hired me for a training workshop.

Opportunity Alliance, Bridgton, Maine (2023)

The Opportunity Alliance is the Community Action Agency for Cumberland County. Through multiple integrated community-based and clinical programs, they serve more than 20,000 people annually throughout Maine. They have hired us to facilitate a meeting among nonprofits in the region of Bridgton, Maine for foster collaboration.

SGR Strategic Government Resources (2022-2023)

SGR exists to help local governments become more successful by Recruiting, Assessing, and Developing Innovative, Collaborative, Authentic Leaders. This innovative consulting company has invited me to be a speaker at their January 2023 Servant Leadership Conference in Forth Worth, Texas.

Statewide Quality Improvement Council (2017, 2023)

The Statewide Quality Improvement Council (QIC) represents people served by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services by advising the Commissioner on issues of statewide system implementation, advising the Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Block Grant process, and working to ensure that Maine provides quality mental health and substance abuse services in an environment of respect and empowerment. We were hired to plan and facilitate two strategic planning meetings to build shared agreement on vision, mission, values, an action plan, and committee responsibilities. As a result we prepared a Complete Meeting Report and a Draft Strategic Plan.


Waterville City Council (2014-2023)

The City of Waterville, Maine on the banks of the Kennebec River, is home to about 16,000 people. We were hired to facilitate a workshop for members of the City Council.