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Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System (2024)

Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System (BACTS) is a nonprofit focusing on improving transportation in the greater Bangor region. BACTS is a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) designated by federal and Maine state government to carry out transportation planning in the greater Bangor urbanized area. Craig has been hired to facilitate the development of a strategic plan.

Bioscience Association of Maine (2021-2024)

The Bioscience Association of Maine (BioME) is a trade organization which promotes the industry’s steady growth, interprets its benefits to the public, and influences pertinent public policy. As in years past, they have again hired Craig to facilitate a full-day Board Retreat establish future goals and plans.

Bowdoinham, Town of (2023-2024)

I have been hired by the Town of Bowdoinham Comprehensive Planning Committee to facilitate public forums on how to increase housing in this predominantly rural Maine community, and to develop a vision for the town in support of the Town’s new comprehensive plan.

Brann & Isaacson (2024)

Brann & Isaacson is a boutique law firm grounded in Maine that represents over 100 large and small online and multichannel companies across the country. They have hired me to facilitate a full day strategic planning retreat among the attorneys.

Gorham, Town of (2024)

In my role as a Senior Vide President for SGR (Strategic Government Resources I am facilitating several meetings of the newly created Fiscal Sustainability Committee, a joint committee of the Town Council and School Board charged to make recommendations for how to maintain sustainable taxes in the face of population growth.

Kennebec Behavioral Health (2011-2024)

Kennebec Behavioral Health promotes the well-being of persons who experience mental illness, emotional difficulties or behavioral challenges. KBH provides one of the most comprehensive community mental health centers in Maine, with 21 sites in central Maine, and programs reaching from Rockland to Lewiston. Craig has been hired to work with the Senior Management Team on Strategic Planning and Organizational Development.

Maine Department of Marine Resources (2024)

Guided by state law and for the benefit of all Maine people, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) administers the Aquaculture Leasing Program and wants to hear directly from stakeholders about how to improve the program. I have been hired to facilitate a series of in-person multi-stakeholder listening in 5 coastal communities at which we will gather input and discuss ideas.

Maine Family Planning (2024)

In a world where people seem quick to judge and eager to criticize, delivering sex education can be a challenge. Maine Family Planning has hired me to facilitate 2 round tables at their Annual Sexuality Education Conference where we’re going to share tips for how to handle adversarial comments, alternative facts, and downright disrespect; including the actual words to say. And we’re going to share tips for finding personal peace in the face of conflict.

Maine Justice Foundation (2024)

The Maine Justice Foundation ensures access to civil justice for low-income and vulnerable Mainers by providing charitable investment opportunities to individuals, families and organizations as well as grants to support civil legal aid and other related initiatives, education and services. They have hired me to facilitate a strategic planning board retreat.

Maine Library Association (2024)

I have been hired to deliver a half-day workshop at the Annual Conference of the Maine Library Association. This session aims to empower librarians to initiate and facilitate meaningful conversations that give people the tools and space to understand each other, and also to equip librarians with tools and confidence to engage in challenging one-to-one conversations.

Maine Public (2023-2024)

Every day, Maine Public connects the people of Maine and our region to each other and to the world through the open exchange of information, ideas, and cultural content. They run Maine Public Radio, Maine Public Television, and Maine Public Online. Five years ago they hired me to help them develop their strategic plan. They’ve invited me back to help them update the plan.

National League of Cities (2024)

Through my partnership with SGR, I have been hired by the National League of Cities to deliver a keynote speech at a national conference in Salt Lake City.

NH Lakes (2024)

NH LAKES’ mission is to restore and preserve the health of New Hampshire’s lakes. Their vision is a New Hampshire where all our lakes are clean and healthy, and caring for them is a way of living, doing business, and governing. We have been hired to facilitate a full day strategic planning board retreat.

People Plus (2024)

A non profit based in Brunswick, Maine, the mission of People Plus is to support an engaged, healthy, and independent life for older adults, while joining others to build community for all ages. We have been hired to administer a survey of members and facilitate a strategic planning board retreat.

University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation (2024)

The University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation financially supports and prepares well-educated engineering students for careers in the pulp and paper and allied industries with full tuition merit based scholarships. We were hired to plan and facilitate strategic planning meetings, gather stakeholder input via in-person and telephone interviews, as well as conduct focus groups to help develop a strategic plan for the Foundation.