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Good Group Tips

In principle, the connections between us allow a group of us to make better decisions than any one of us could on our own. The connections between things have actual value and this is why the total value of things connected is often greater than the sum of the parts. New energy can be created, or unlocked, just by virtue of things being connected.

The concept is called synergy and it is at work behind the scenes wherever new things are created: new ideas, new plants and creatures, new decisions about our future.

It’s good to have stuff like buildings, roads and accessories but it’s the stuff between the stuff that dramatically adds value; our connections with each other.

Practical Tip: Focus on the relationships rather than on the material gains and losses. Buildings, roads and accessories are important but to make good decisions for our future we also need trust, predictable roles and shared values; the stuff of relationships.

Don’t burn bridges. Try not to even damage them. Better yet, maintain and strengthen them. I once heard a transportation commissioner say that any road is only as good as its worst bridge.

– Craig Freshley

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