Seminar Topic

Dealing with Difficult People



Perhaps the title got your attention, but step one is actually an attitude that there are no difficult people, just good people with difficult behaviors. Are you familiar with “The Idea Killer?” How about “The Monopolizer?” Ever met “Mr. go along now but get you later?” How about “Mrs. Victim?” Or “Mr. Skeptic?” Or “Mrs. I know what’s best for everyone.” These are just a few of the people, rather, “behaviors,” that participants meet in this seminar. And Craig offers practical solutions for how to transform their difficult energy into positive contributions!

This seminar includes:


Practical tips and helpful attitudes for difficult situations

Role playing opportunities to practice and demonstrate (optional participation)

Handouts with valuable resources for more information


Sample Agenda


Agenda Review

Ground Rules           


Four Corners

This is a fun exercise designed to build awareness about our personality styles and the value of different ways of approaching problems.

A Look at Difficult Types and How to Deal with Them

Each person will have a chance to describe difficult behaviors that they have encountered. As a group we will share successful strategies for dealing with difficult behaviors.

Role Play

We will “try on” some of the most difficult behaviors that we have identified and act out how to deal with them. We will pick the setting depending on what behaviors are identified.

Lessons Learned

Based on the role play and other information shared in the workshop, we will make a list of lessons learned regarding dealing with difficult behaviors.




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