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In principle, determination is not just hard work and persistence, it starts with defining a vision. Think of determination as defining the termination. Know what the successful end looks like, and feels like. Such knowing, such determination, naturally motivates hard work and persistence.

Last week Mikaela Shiffrin won an Olympic gold medal in women’s slalom skiing. People say she had extraordinary determination. In interviews Mikaela explained that for years she visualized herself winning the gold medal. She had a vision. And it was so defined that it compelled her to be very focused and work very hard to achieve it. Riding the chairlift alone on the way up to her gold medal run, reporters noticed that she shed a silent tear. When asked about it later she explained that it was a tear of joy. She could see herself winning the gold medal. And just before the start of her run at the top of the mountain one can notice a slight smile to herself. I think this smile meant “This is gonna be fun!”

Practical Tip: As a group or as an individual, determine what you want. Define it. Visualize it. Think about how much fun it’s going to be!

Groups often steam ahead without nearly enough thought or group cohesion about what they are trying to achieve. Groups often don’t invest enough in defining their vision. One reason is fear of failure. If you don’t determine a goal, you can’t be accused of failing to achieve it.

Another thing they say about Mikaela Shiffrin is that she sets really high goals and she is willing to risk failure. Her drive to achieve her vision is stronger than her concern about what others might think of her.

Let your vision of success fuel your drive to power through any failure along the way. That’s determination.

– Craig Freshley 

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