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Doin’ Good

In this 2-minute spontaneous Periscope video, Craig tells us what he means by “doin’ good.” And it’s more than a feeling. It’s about action.

Here’s how to change your attitude, for good!

Here’s what Craig says in the video

You might ask how I’m doing this morning? I’m doin’ good. And when I answer that way you might think that means I’m feeling good, and that’s true. But it also means I’m doing good, I’m doing good things.

I gave a gift to a friend yesterday that I’m pretty sure she really appreciates. I went the extra mile for a client yesterday. I did not respond with anger to that email I received even though it made me feel angry. I’m doing good things and I’m feeling good. There’s a connection between those two things! Now this sounds silly, maybe even kind’ve corny, but I’m just here to tell you that it works for me.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you want self-esteem, do esteemable things?” If you want to feel good, do good things. Look here’s another phrase, “You can try to think your way to better acting, or you can act your way to better thinking.” I’m here to promote “act your way to better thinking.”

I can sit around all day and think about how great I’m going to be. I can think about what good things I’m going to do to make the world better. But if I do that I might not actually end up feeling too good about myself. But if I get out there and actually make the world better, if I take action, if I do good things, that is much more likely to result in me feeling better.

So….quick little Periscope this morning to tell you that I’m doin’ good. And that means two things to me. I hope that you get out there today and do good.

3 thoughts on “Doin’ Good

  1. Hi Craig…my rare involvement with Facebook just got pushed toward up to a new level, having watched your video. Heartwarming to see you speakin good things on your land…happy v day to you and Carol. david

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