How to Facilitate Meetings:
Four Essential Functions

In this Together We Decide companion course, I break down the four essential functions of meeting facilitation.

This course is for you if:

  • You are new to leading meetings and want to learn some basics in a super-easy way.
  • You are fed up with inefficient meetings and the waste of time and money that they cost.
  • You regularly lead meetings and want some valuable new tricks to make them more productive and efficient.
  • You want to teach and inspire others to be good meeting facilitators.
  • You want your team to be more collaborative or creative.

What you will learn

How to Provide Structure – practical techniques and steps to help you plan and guide your meetings as a facilitator.

How to Reflect the Group – resources for reflecting and guiding your meetings towards shared outcomes and goals.

How to Encourage Participation – creative techniques to help all voices be heard and al ideas considered.

How to Move the Group Forward – tips to get unstuck, keep on track, and achieve the meeting objectives.

What you will get

This course has videos, written explanations, a 9-page outline of specific techniques, and a checklist of planning steps for facilitators.

PLUS, get Together We Decide

This course includes a copy of Craig’s critically acclaimed book!

With the purchase of this course, you will also get Together We Decide, An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions – the Hardcover edition with free shipping, or the Kindle or Nook edition. Your choice.

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Course Curriculum

Provide Structure

Meeting Planning Steps for Facilitators

Good Meeting Guidelines

Structure Sets You Free

Reflect the Group

How to Show the Big Picture – Use a Handout

Use the Screen for Reflecting

Write on the Walls

Encourage Participation

Want Creativity? Make Room.

When You Speak From Personal Experience

Not Her Fault, Her Type

Move the Group Forward

How to Move On

What’s Next

Take a Step

What People Say About Craig’s Courses

Excerpts from anonymous evaluations

“Very engaging…I’m coming away with lots of ideas on how to improve decision-making at meetings.”

“You are a fabulous teacher who brings active learning to a new level!”

“…yes, these are powerful and practical tips for the would-be collaborator.”

“Craig Freshley is such a non-stop source of practical group-dynamics/effectiveness information and inspiration.”

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