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Craig’s eLearning courses are designed to not only provide practical tips and tools, but to help you see things in new ways and to inspire you to significantly improve your abilities. Take one of these courses and increase your value to your groups.

Craig Freshley has been helping groups make good decisions for his entire career and has packaged his top lessons into eLearning courses for YOU. He has professionally facilitated over 3,000 meetings and has trained 1,000s of learners. He has written a best-selling book called Together We Decide. Learn about Craig here.

These courses apply to both remote and in-person groups. They teach both timeless fundamentals and practical tips to help YOU serve your groups better.

Each course is online and self-paced. Work through each course on your schedule. Learners tell us that the courses take 3-4 hours of total time, on average. Some learners intentionally leave time between the Chapters to reflect and practice. Others race right through in a single session. These courses let you learn your way.

Three great courses to help you propel your group.

Revamped and upgraded

Learn the four essential functions that pro facilitators perform. Learn how to handle the most common challenges of running a meeting. Learn the actual words to say in the toughest situations.

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THE course that’s all about Consensus

Learn specific steps and key conditions for achieving real consensus, even when there’s conflict. Consensus doesn’t mean casual. There’s a right way. Learn it here.

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Want less conflict? Here’s how.

Learn the common causes of conflict in groups, and how to prevent them. Learn tricks for handling conflict while keeping your group on track. Learn how to provide stability in the midst of turmoil.

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About Our Pricing

We want everyone to benefit from our eLearning courses so we let you pay as little as $5 for one of our high quality, high value courses. Please pay what feels right for you. If you work for a company, consider what your company would expect to pay for this type of professional development. Thank you for your support.

With each course, here’s what you get:

Videos direct from Craig to you with stories, principles, and practical tips. There’s even a written transcript provided with each video.

Infographics, checklists, and write-ups of specific techniques; all downloadable in PDF for easy access later.

Questions to ponder at the end of each chapter.

Scenarios to work through and make choices. What would you do? You answer first, then Craig answers.

A Certificate of Completion which documents your investment and demonstrates your credibility to others.

Craig’s book at 33% off. Together We Decide, An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions is an excellent companion to each of Craig’s courses. We recommend enhancing your investment for further inspiration and as a go-to reference guide for all your group challenges.
Learn about the book here.

Lastly, you’re going to get smarter and gain confidence! You will have new understanding of basic principles and new how-to tricks to be a more effective group leader or team player.

About my eLearning Courses

What People Say About Craig’s Courses

Excerpts from anonymous evaluations

“Very engaging…I’m coming away with lots of ideas on how to improve decision-making at meetings.”

“You are a fabulous teacher who brings active learning to a new level!”

“…yes, these are powerful and practical tips for the would-be collaborator.”

“Craig Freshley is such a non-stop source of practical group-dynamics/effectiveness information and inspiration.”

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