How to Facilitate Collaborative Meetings:
Four Essential Functions

This course is for you if:

  • You are fed up with inefficient meetings and the waste of time and money that they cost.
  • You regularly lead meetings and want some valuable new tricks to make them more productive and efficient.
  • You are new to leading meetings and want to learn some basics in a super-easy way.
  • You want to teach and inspire others to be good meeting facilitators.
  • You want your team to be more collaborative or creative.
  • You want to show credibility with a certificate of completion.

What you will learn

How to Provide Structure – practical techniques and steps to help you plan and guide your meetings as a facilitator.

How to Reflect the Group – resources for reflecting and showing your group what they are saying.

How to Encourage Participation – creative techniques to help all voices be heard and all ideas considered.

How to Move the Group Forward – tips to get unstuck, keep on track, and achieve the meeting objectives.

What you will get

This course has 13 videos, many of them from on-location in meeting rooms. It also has an infographic, written explanations of specific techniques, a 9-page outline of key practices, and a checklist of planning steps for facilitators.

PLUS, get Together We Decide

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And, get certified

Get officially certified in How to Facilitate Collaborative Meetings and receive a Certificate of Completion that documents your investment and demonstrates your credibility to others.

Course Curriculum


When collaborative meetings are most useful

The value of neutral facilitation

Dozens of key techniques

Provide Structure

Key aspects of meeting planning

All about meeting ground rules

How structure supports creativity

Reflect the Group

Effective use of handouts

How to use the screen and the walls for reflecting

The importance of good notes

Encourage Participation

Practical benefits of inclusivity

Techniques for encouraging all personality types

How to welcome and encourage all stakeholders

Move the Group Forward

How to leverage time expectations

How to get a group unstuck

The value of on-the-spot proposals

Next Steps

How to keep learning

Valuable additional resources

Start facilitating better meetings, Today!