Prevent Conflict in Your Group

Five simple strategies for the collaborative leader

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This course is for you if:

  • You are a group leader who wants to prevent wasteful and destructive conflict
  • You are worried about conflicts in your own life
  • You want some simple techniques to prevent and reduce conflict
  • You want to teach others about preventing conflict
  • You know how costly conflict can be and want to reduce costs
  • You want to improve functioning and effectiveness of your group
  • You want to show credibility with a Certificate of Completion

What you will learn

  • How to clarify stuff upfront – to prevent misunderstandings and resentments later.
  • How to invest in prevention – to build goodwill and help reduce tensions.
  • How to talk and listen – specific techniques for true understanding and problem solving.
  • How to remember your choices – to establish boundaries and find personal peace even in the midst of conflict.
  • How to keep it contained – to not make the conflict bigger or more destructive.

What you will get

This course has 14 videos, several explanations of practical tips, and 5 steps for how to talk with an adversary. One of the videos explains meeting ground rules specifically designed to prevent conflict.

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And, get certified

Get officially certified in Prevent Conflict in Your Group and receive a Certificate of Completion which documents your investment and demonstrates your credibility to others.

Course Curriculum


How conflict prevention is different from conflict management or resolution

Why prevention is your best investment

Clarify Stuff Upfront

Why defining the problem is critical

Avoiding the trap of mismatched expectations

Six meeting ground rules to prevent conflict

Invest in Prevention

The value of taking initiative

Why deposits are more important than withdrawals

Talk and Listen

Why there has to be a way to talk

How to start a hard conversation

How to listen to your enemies, and why it’s critical

Remember Your Choices

How conflict is accelerated or minimized by our own choices

The value of establishing boundaries

How to find personal peace in the midst of conflict

Keep it Contained

How to not spread conflict

How treat people with respect and support

When to act on a conflict and when not to


Encouragement to practice

Additional resources

At the end of each chapter are Questions to Ponder to help reinforce your learning. And at the end of the course are Scenarios for you to work through and consider. Craig asks What would you do? And then he tells you what he would do. Learners tell us that the course takes a total of 3-4 hours to complete.

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