How About a Conference Summary?

End your conference with participants saying Wow!

End your conference with one of Craig’s legendary conference summaries; a whirlwind of highlights, aha’s, and laughs.


Ever heard of an Endnote?

It’s like a Keynote
but at the end of the conference!


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Here’s how it works.

Craig attends your entire conference and then prepares a presentation of highlights that comes at the end. Craig is an expert summarizer and in just 45 minutes or less he provides a complete summary of your 1-3 day conference right from the podium complete with outlines and lists of highlights, memorable quotes, photos, and funny stories. He will even provide a written Conference Summary in PDF format for instant sharing with all participants.

Craig’s visual and oral “Endnote Presentation” provides an excellent reminder of all the great moments from your conference. And of course, as with any Craig Freshley event, there’s audience interaction. If you have invested in planning a terrific conference, why not maximize chances that participants will remember the highlights and leave on a truly high note?

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The founder of Good Group Decisions, Craig demonstrates facilitative leadership in action. He captures the conclusions of the presentation for you to use. And he offers practical tips to help you implement good group decisions in any setting. Non-profits, educational institutes, small groups and businesses of every size benefit from his collaborative, results-driven events.

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Keynote Testimonial Graphic - Susan Radwan
Susan Radwan, MEd, CAE, SMP, Leading Edge Mentoring
Keynote Testimonial Graphic - Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson, Founder, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising


Add Value

A Book for Everyone – Consider giving everyone in your group a copy of Craig’s book. Paperbacks by volume cost surprising little per person and offer so much more than other give-aways. What a great value-add for participants! We can even publish a Special Edition with your logo (or a sponsor’s logo) on the cover. See sample cover to the right. Learn about Craig’s book here.

Additional Seminar or Presentation – If Craig will be a Keynote Speaker at your event, invite him to offer an additional seminar or presentation. It could be on a related topic or an entirely different topic. Learn about Craig’s Training Sessions.

Small Group Discussion or Facilitated Session – Take full advantage while Craig is in town. Invite a small group of leaders to have a meal with Craig or an intimate meeting. Craig is a world class facilitator: let him help you address a significant question or solve a significant problem.

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Craig Freshley’s motivational Keynotes, Conference Summaries, and Seminars offer you and your team practical insights that will sharpen your communication and decision making.

Craig’s calendar fills up fast so please call or write immediately if you have a specific date in mind or if you would like to discuss rates.

We want to be sure that the topic for your Keynote or Training Seminar is perfect for your group. You might choose one of the topics or approaches described on this page or we would be happy to develop something tailor-made for your needs. Let’s talk.

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