Seminar Topic

Facilitative Leadership



Would you like to be the kind of leader who compels participation rather than demands it? Who pulls rather than pushes? Who draws out the best in everyone? Invite Craig to help you learn about this inclusive, collaborative, empowering, and highly effective leadership style. No matter your job title, anyone can be a facilitative leader!

present-2This seminar includes:

What distinguishes facilitative leaders from traditional leaders

Practical tools, techniques, handouts, and other “take-aways”

Interaction and contributions from all participants (of course!)


Sample Agenda


Objectives, Agenda, Ground Rules



Old Leadership

Traditional Notions of Leadership

Facilitative Leadership in Theory

Leadership Myths

What the Experts Say

Examples of Bad Leadership – Sharing Stories

Our conclusions about Facilitative Leadership

Facilitative Leadership Techniques

We will discuss specific techniques of most interest to the group

Last Questions and Other Resources

Closing Comments and Evaluation




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