Fees and Terms


For most of our projects we charge a flat fee for a package that includes planning, preparation, facilitation, and reporting. Click here for details about our facilitation services and “what you get.

We determine fees based on the length of the meeting and level of service; standard or basic.

Standard Service: Either Craig or Markos and an Associate attend your meeting which provides opportunity for a wider range of facilitation techniques and allows us to prepare a Complete Report.

Basic Service: Craig or Markos attends your meeting alone and prepares a simple Highlights Report.

For a package of planning, preparation, facilitation, and reporting we typically quote a flat fee based on how much time we expect to spend on the whole project. If actual time spent is within 10% of our expectation, we invoice as quoted. If our actual time is more than 10% over or under what we have quoted we will adjust billing accordingly at an hourly rate also quoted in advance. One in-person or remote planning meeting is typically included in the package fee; with subsequent planning meetings billed by the hour.

Sometimes clients wish to hire us for services other than our typical facilitation packages. For per-hour work we track our time and bill only for the hours incurred. Hourly rates for Craig and Associates are quoted in advance. Likewise we bill hourly for additional services beyond what’s typically included in the package, such as transcribing and/or analyzing advance or on-site written input.



If you postpone or cancel a meeting after the meeting has been scheduled we expect to be paid 1/3 of the service fee that was quoted and reimbursed for all incurred expenses. We have this policy because when we book a date with a client we turn away other work and revenue for that date.

If you postpone or cancel within 72 hours (three days) of the start time of a meeting or after the meeting was planned to start, we expect to be paid in full as if the meeting had happened.

If we postpone or cancel any time after we have agreed to terms, we provide results of all work to date and charge nothing, not even for expenses incurred.

We typically invoice shortly after delivery of the meeting report. Invoices are due on receipt.



Travel time such as driving is billed at $50 per hour and $0.50 per mile round-trip from Brunswick, Maine to the meeting, airport, or train/bus station. There is no charge for travel time on public transportation (such as airplanes, trains, buses, ferries) during which we are able to work or read.

Travel expenses including hotels, meals, incidentals, taxis, parking, and tickets for travel on airplanes, trains, buses, ferries, etc. are billed at cost.

Expenses incurred for extensive amounts of meeting materials (i.e. more than 30 handout copies, or supplies for a large conference) are billed at cost.

Unless otherwise arranged, the client is responsible for transcribing substantial data generated by participants during meetings (such as numerous breakout group flip charts, tabletop surveys, etc.).

Other Details

In-Person Participation

Our meetings are highly interactive and visual. There’s a lot of spontaneous back and forth and a lot of data goes up on the wall for all to see and react to. Craig and Markos also read group energy and body language well and adjust accordingly. For these reasons we encourage that all participants be in the room. If remote participation is necessary (someone participating by phone or screen) please let us know in advance so we can make plans for how to accommodate. If we don’t hear otherwise from you, we will assume that all participants will be in the room and that no one will participate by phone or screen.

Meeting Space

Please keep us informed of your arrangements for meeting space and AV equipment. We typically need an hour to set up and there are also other aspects we would like to discuss with you.

Email Addresses

We will add you and perhaps one or two other key contacts in your organization to our e-newsletter list so you will receive a Good Group Tip every Tuesday and a brief newsy update 2-4 times per year. Of course, you can easily unsubscribe at any time if you wish. We will not sell, rent, or give away your email address to anyone.