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Foretell the sunny side

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In principle, foretelling negativity is a contributing factor for negativity. When you spread the word that “it’s gonna be bad” that actually increases the chances that “it’s gonna be bad.”

And when we foretell the sunny side, when we imagine and spread the word that things might turn out good, that helps things turn out good.

Practical Tip: When you speculate, be open to good things happening. They might. Just because you can’t see a good outcome doesn’t mean that one isn’t waiting for you.

It’s not that we should deny reality and pretend that all things will be all good all the time, just that we have some choice about how to see the future in spite of reality.

There may be no need to defend, coddle, or foretell a negative outcome. If worried about the future, it’s okay to change your story of how things might turn out.

– Craig Freshley

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2 thoughts on “Foretell the sunny side

  1. I’ve finally realized the best way to share your tips with the people I work with. I’ll print out the pdfs one by one and hang them on the board for a week at a time.
    Tomorrow I’m leading a group discussion with some authors for a new book we’re going to publish. My boss is turning over the reigns to me. I’m glad I read this tip about foretelling the sunny side (something I had actually just been talking about last night – in a broader context – with my best friend!).
    Your wisdom has helped me immensely over the years. Please keep up the good work!

  2. “This is going to be better than I could ever imagine!”

    Last winter I was traveling home across the Sierra. My Expedition broke down in the dark, on the freeway, near Donner pass (cold). While cars winged by at 65, I sat atop my engine trying to assess the fix and taking picture to send to my mechanic friend on my phone.

    While holding the phone I noticed a message come in from a friend I had not heard from for a long while. She was sharing a spiritual message unrelated to my issues – it was that while facing a challenge, the attitude of “This is going to be better than I could ever imagine!” changes outcomes.

    My adventure turned into an easy 40 mi tow, an impromptu visit with friends in Reno, an a great 2 day extention to my trip. The thought helped me release, trust the process, and let good things happen.

    The same works in facilitation in those tough moments. Release, let good things happen, and be ready for something far better than I could ever imagine.

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