My professional trainings help corporate teams get along better with each other and get stuff done more efficiently. They help nonprofits, governments, and community-based organizations be more productive and rewarding. I deliver training in groups because the tailored and shared experience provides maximum value for clients. Below are some popular topics, yet I’m also happy to develop a session specific to your group needs.

Which session is right for your group?

If you love Craig’s book, treat your people to Craig’s training. You will receive an overview for sure, but also we will go deep on whatever chapters you and your group choose. Together We Decide is An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions. It contains a wealth of good information for your team.

This is all about meeting facilitation, especially meetings that value inclusion and collaborative decision making. I will explain key ingredients for good facilitation; need-to-haves and good-to-haves. We will discuss online techniques. We will discuss practical tips to make meetings efficient, productive, and even fun. We will share stories and might even play some out to learn from.

This is about conflict prevention, management, and resolution. We will discuss root causes and practical tips for handling conflict at each stage. We will discuss key conditions for conflict resolution. We will discuss the role of a mediator. And we will discuss the meaning of consensus, why it gets a bad rap, and how to achieve it.

How to Disagree

Whether in the workplace or at a Town Hall Meeting, this is on how to have productive conversations with people you disagree with. I will draw on what I learned by facilitating Make Shift Coffee Houses among Republicans, Democrats, and others with strong opposing views. We will practice and debrief conversations. We will look at the profound influence of the attitudes we bring.

Elected Leaders Tune Up

Designed for Town and City Councilors, School Board Members, and other local elected officials, this workshop focuses on one or both of the following. Your choice: 1. We will discuss and establish communication norms, public input protocols, staff-board roles, or other efficiencies that are top priority for you. 2. We will discuss and set shared goals for what you want to achieve as a group.

How to Find Personal Peace

It’s a hard world out there. It can be especially hard to get along with others in your group. Yet at the end of the day, how do we get along with ourselves? How in the hell are we supposed to sleep well? In this unique workshop I share my long list of tips and tricks to find personal peace in a world of conflict, whatever world you’re in.

About Craig’s sessions

  • My sessions are interactive

    I share tips and stories from my experience yet I also facilitate your people sharing tips and stories with each other; a great way to learn.

  • My sessions are tailored

    In advance I want to know about your challenges – why you want this training – so I can deliver training that will be interesting and relevant for your people.

  • My sessions have products

    Each person gets highlight notes from your particular session and also gets a collection of handouts, tips, and videos based on what came up in the session.

  • My sessions are good for life

    No matter the topic, the realm of what we cover is useful at home, on the field, in the band, in all kinds of relationships, in clubs and community groups, as well as in the workplace.

  • All training sessions are 2 hours, online or in-person.

    No minimum or maximum number of participants.

What you get with every session

  • Planning Meeting or Advance Survey

In order to tailor the session to your needs and make it highly relevant, I will work with you on one of the following.

Planning meeting so I can understand your objectives, challenges, and ideas about the training. I might ask you to come up with some scenarios that we can use in the session.
Advance survey of all participants. Three open-ended questions about their challenges and learning desires. The link will be provided to all session participants and they will submit anonymous answers. I will design the session based on what they say.
  • Agenda

Based on your training objectives discerned from the planning meeting or survey, I will draft an Agenda for your consideration. We will refine by email and phone calls. The Agenda will be nicely formatted suitable for distribution and promotion.

  • Training Delivery

Craig will lead the training as designed. Unless otherwise arranged, it will be on Craig’s Zoom platform. The training will be interactive, relevant, and memorable.

  • Evaluation

Optional if you want it: a post-session anonymous survey of 4 open-ended questions emailed to all participants. All comments provided to you in a report.

  • Follow-Up Highlights and Resources

Shortly after the session, each participant will receive Highlight Notes of Themes and Conclusions from your session. Craig will also assemble a Collection of his Tips, Handouts, and Videos relevant to what we covered.

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