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Ground Rules for Conflict Resolution

If you know a meeting is going to be contentious ground rules can be especially helpful. Ground rules are guidelines that meeting participants are expected to keep in mind; expected to follow during the meeting.

When the facilitator explains ground rules at the start of a meeting that provides a perfect opportunity for the facilitator to explain his or her philosophy, style, and general expectations for the meeting.

In this video Craig models how to explain ground rules for a meeting that is expected to have some conflict. Craig made this video live on location just before the start of a meeting.


2 thoughts on “Ground Rules for Conflict Resolution

  1. Craig,
    Nicely done. Thank you for your video on ground rules.
    I am a retired manager/engineer. I certainly had much experience with conflict resolution in my career.
    I am writing to draw your attention to the work of Dr. Les Carter. Dr. Carter has posted several videos on YouTube on the subject of dealing with narcissists, especially malignant narcissists. I suggest you watch his video (15 minutes) on how to argue with a narcissist. As he points out in the video, one never argues with a narcissist, but one needs to recognize such individuals and develop an approach for dealing with these people. These people have their own rules and do not engage in rational discussion, so they are especially challenging when included in any meeting. I hope that you and others find this information useful.

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