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Happy Summer in Maine!

Some folks have a boat. Some folks have a camp. I have a barn. I spend my vacation money at the lumber yard!

I love it actually. Carpentry is such a nice change of pace for me. A different kind of thinking.

In the first photo is the week-one-crew: Ezra and Porter just starting their summer tans. High school kids from the neighborhood. And Jack is on the ladder.

For me, there is something very grounding about gettin stuff done. Stuff you can see. In my work I help groups build agreements but rarely get to see the stuff that happens after. The results.

And fractions. Gotta love working with a tape measure and fractions for a change. And doing math with a pencil on a board. It is SO not digital.

My mom taught me that the magic of vacation is that it’s different. A dramatic switch from the normal. For me vacation doesn’t have to be sitting in a chair to be relaxing. Doing a project with the neighborhood kids works great for me.

I hope that you are finding and doing what you love this summer. Whatever it is.

3 thoughts on “Happy Summer in Maine!

  1. Thanks for your fun comments Andy and Sue. Really appreciate hearing from both of you.

    I wonder if you know each other! Seems like you should. Sue, Andy is the Executive Director of Maine Audubon. Andy, Sue is a climate change expert and recently wrote a book called Advocating for the Environment. You MUST know each other! Haha.

  2. I love this Craig! The tangible results can’t be beat; plus you’re enabling some neighborhood kids to build some life skills that will serve them well for decades to come. I’m sure pleased that I was introduced to basic building skills when I was a teen. Don’t forget the lemonade!

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