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Head, heart, and hands

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In principle, if we want our group decisions to be creative—that is, result in new and better ways of doing things—we need to draw on all our resources and blend them in new ways. Typical meetings are structured to put our heads together and, indeed, our knowledge and ideas are a tremendous resource. But we have more. Why not go further and put our hearts together, share our feelings, stories, fears, and passions? Further still, why not put our hands together and do physical activities as a group?

A group decision process that includes intellectual exchange, sharing from the heart, and hands-on physical activity is most likely to yield creative results.

Practical Tip: Don’t just do brainstorming, try heartstorming. Don’t just sit and talk about stuff together, get up and do stuff together, with your hands.

If you want truly creative group decisions, share ideas, feelings, and activities…all three.

– Craig Freshley

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4 thoughts on “Head, heart, and hands

  1. “Heartstorming” – now that’s a concept! If more groups actually took this tip to heart and worked together with their hands, I’m sure their decisions would be more effective.

  2. This one so clearly demonstrates how to
    lead, parent, love – on and on. It is my absolute favorite of your tips and
    affirms my own favorite quote to my family: “love is an action word”.

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