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Heads up

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In principle, people appreciate a heads-up before having to decide something. It’s like making sure that the person to whom you are throwing a ball has his head up and sees you. With warning there is a better chance that the ball will be caught and no one gets hurt. With a heads-up our decisions are more thoughtful, inclusive, and less reactionary.

Practical Tip:  Give your group advance notice of every decision that they will be asked to make. Sometimes a long advance is called for, like, “Group, in two months we’re going to have to decide the new product line.”

Sometimes it is an on-the-spot warning by the meeting facilitator like, “Okay everybody, later in this meeting I’m going to ask you to vote on this issue.”

Sometimes it is an advance written notice that a decision is expected, such as a memo or a meeting agenda circulated among the group.

It does not work well to pop a question and expect a fast reaction, especially in a group or public setting. Good group decisions are premeditated.


– Craig Freshley

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One thought on “Heads up

  1. Writing this, I thought of combining the idea of positive thinking, a good outlook, that sort of thing….also helps groups decision making – but left it out. Left the Tip to focus specifically on advance warning…..

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