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How to move forward

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In principle, when stuck, the most important question is not “Why are we stuck?” or “Whose fault is it?” but “How to move forward in a positive, peaceful way?” Probably this requires an attitude change: a choice to see things differently and imagine things better or a decision to let go of something. Probably it also requires creative thinking about next steps that could be taken in spite of the situation or attitudes of others. And it requires doing something, not just wishing.

Practical Tip: If moving forward is important to you and your group, take a step no matter how small. Don’t get bogged down complaining about the situation or trying to figure out why things are the way they are. Rather, accept the situation and say, “Okay, now what to do?” Find a way. Go around. Make new partners. Try something different. Get out and push.

– Craig Freshley

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One thought on “How to move forward

  1. Thank you VERY much!
    Being stuck (or allmost stuck, i.e. moving much slower than I want) your hints are giving me hope to change faster again.

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