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How to Use Good Group Tips

Find the One You Need


The Tips are useful for all types of groups facing all types of challenges. There are so many, the first trick is to find the one you need!

1. Type some keywords about your challenge into the “Search Tips, Videos, and Handouts” box at the bottom left of every page.

2. Browse by category. See all 6 categories in the Complete Archive at the top left of all the Tips pages. Click on a Category then click on a few titles of Tips that look interesting; you might find just what you are looking for.

 3. Browse all the titles in alphabetical order or by date. Click around.

4. Make use of the 11-page index in The Wisdom of Group Decisions.


Maximize the Message

If you believe in what a Tip says — if you wish people would just “Do it like this!” — here are some ways to turn wishful thinking into changed behavior.

1. In meetings

Make the Tips a part of your meeting routine. One idea: read one aloud at the start of every meeting and then ask people for examples of what it would look like if we did this perfectly, and what it looks like when we don’t do this. Take turns choosing which Tip to focus on. Another idea: At the end of every meeting ask: “Which Tip did we see in action today?” And, “Which Tip do we wish we saw more of today?” For this one it’s helpful for everyone to have a list handy of all the Tips and to be at least a little familiar with them. With each of these ideas it’s good to have a bit of discussion. This is how people learn from each other and get inspired to do things differently.

2. Training handouts

Doing a training about leadership? Communications? Conflict resolution? Select a dozen or so Tips that match your topic and hand them out; a different one to each person. Ask people to read them on the spot and then explain them to each other. Ask them to talk about what they like about the Tip, how it would look if people really did it, and/or what bad things can happen when we don’t follow the Tip. You might ask small groups to choose favorites; those that they they are most useful in a specific situation or setting.

3. Post or send them around

Add value to your own blog or social media page. Send a Tip via e-mail. Say, “Hey, check this out,” or “I love this.” Sharing a Tip shows that you care about process; that you care about the high-functioning of your group. If you think that Good Group Tips should appear regularly in a Blog or e-Newsletter just let us know and we will contact the publisher. We are happy to make regular submissions or even post directly depending on the publisher’s wishes.

4. Anonymous

Would a certain someone benefit from a certain Tip? Print it and put it on a wall where they will see it. Or leave it on a table. Sometimes people are simply unaware that their attitude or behavior might be damaging the group. And it usually doesn’t work well for me to suggest that you should change. Dropping a message for another to pick up can be very effective; although best done without any expectations.

Good Group Tips are free for non-commercial use. If you want to use them for commercial purposes advance permission is required.

If you have found a fun or effective way to use Good Group Tips, please share your ideas below!

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