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If you could have a superpower

Superman (that would be Craig) demonstrates a quick, fun way to open meetings and help group members get to know each other!

Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody. Hey it’s Craig Freshley here. I am at Comic Con Boston and sometimes when I’m in a meeting, I do a fun little……..Can I ask you guys a question?

“Of course. Sure!”

Okay, sometimes when I’m in a meeting I ask a question as a warm-up exercise: “What kind of superhero would you like to be or what kind of superpower would you like to have?”

I’m going to ask some superheroes here. “If you could be in real life and have a superpower, what would it be? If there was, like, one thing that you would actually like to be able to do, what would it be?

Any answers?

The Flash: “I’d probably fly.”

Superman: “You’d like to fly?”

The Flash: “Yeah, for the freedom.”

Superman: “Yeah for the freedom!”

The Green Lantern: “I’d like to shoot spaghetti out of my finger tips.”

Superman: “Haha, nice! That’s a pretty good one. Any other answers? You sir?”

Unidentified Superhero: “Teleportation. It just works for everything.”

Superman: “Yeah, yeah, teleportation. It’s good for lots and lots of things.”

Batgirl: “Invisibility probably.”

Superman: “Like, maybe right now?”

Batgirl: “Yeah! Hahahaha. I’d be good with that.”

Superman: “And you?”

Supergirl: “Probably control time.”

Superman: “Control time……..And what would you do with it if you could control time?”

Supergirl: “Whatever I wanted. Hahaha”

Superman: “Exactly! Whatever you wanted.”

Superman: “Would you like to be part of this?”

Another unidentified Superhero: “Sure”

Superman: “If you could have a super power, what would you like to have?”

Unidentified Superhero: “Being able to transform into anything.”

Superman: “Tansform into anything. Nice. Okay. Hey thanks a lot guys. Thank you very much. Have a great time!”

Superheroes: “You too, thank you.”

So it’s a lot of fun when I’m in a meeting, I ask people to say their name and if they could have a superpower what would it be. Got some real answers right now on the spot, but you might try this in a meeting. And no matter how mundane your meeting might seem, you could instantly turn everyone into a superhero and have a super meeting!

Okay, I’m headed into the show with all the other superheroes. Thanks a lot, and here’s hoping that you help your group make good decisions.

And thanks to my nephew, Sam Nelson (aka Batman) for help making this video.

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