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If your glass is half empty, get a smaller glass

There are many things we can’t control, but one thing we can control — Craig explains in this little video — is our attitude; how we look at things.

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Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody. Hey it’s Craig Freshley here.

If your glass is half-empty get a smaller glass!

You know what I’m talking about: the old analogy. Do you see the glass as half-full or half empty? Some people are optimistic and grateful. They think that what they got is fullness. Some people are pessimistic and resentful. They think that what they got is emptiness.

This analogy is all about perspective. What it’s trying to say is that it depends on how you look at it. And sometimes when we see the glass as half empty, let’s imagine that we compare the stuff we got to a smaller surroundings. Especially in the world in which we live — with the internet and so much information available to us — we have the opportunity to compare our lives to some pretty spectacular unusual lives. We can compare our groups to some pretty spectacular unusual groups. And it might make us feel empty or small or unfulfilled.

I have the power to change my perspective and change who and what I compare myself to.

There’s lots of things in this world that I don’t have a choice about: facts, situations, what other people do or think. But one thing that I do have a choice about is my attitude and how I choose to look at things.

This phrase, “she made me feel bad,” or “he made me feel small” is actually a myth. I believe like Eleanor Roosevelt did that nobody can make me feel small without my permission. I have a choice about how I feel and how I see things. And if I want to I can get a smaller glass. I can see my glass as half full rather than half empty it’s up to me.

Thanks for listening everybody.

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