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Craig Freshley is a great speaker AND facilitator. He teaches AND he demonstrates.
Your audience will hear Craig’s stories, feel his optimism, and actually experience Craig’s collaborative techniques.

Together We Decide

How to collaborate even when we disagree

Craig’s most popular Keynote right now, this one provides 6 principles for collaboration and plenty of audience interaction. Craig tells stories from his book, Together We Decide, and asks questions of the audience. People walk away with practical tools that are immediately available, and inspiration to actually pick up the tools and take a step.

It doesn’t have to be like this. It’s not Us vs. Them. It’s just us. In this Keynote, Craig will explain that the solution is mostly about attitude.

How to Serve Our Communities

Even when people seem to hate each other

This Keynote is inspirational and practical for anyone who convenes public groups: libraries, town and city councils, state and federal agencies, authorities and commissions. Especially in such divided times, public institutions should provide neutral ground for productive conversations and hot topic. This keynote shows you how and gives you confidence to convene public meeting.

The video is geared towards librarians but applies to ALL public institutions.

How to Talk Across Divides

At a time when many people are afraid to talk, this Keynote provides practical tools for what to say and do when you are in a rift with someone. It also provides inspiration and confidence to take a step in the direction of peace.

Building on my experiences in bringing Democrats and Republicans together, I’m going to share what I know. An actual list of principles.

Also, I will draw out your stories and experiences. If we have differing opinions, let’s talk. Let’s learn together.

Invite Craig to Light Up Your Audience

Craig’s keynote addresses are ideal for inspiring an audience, stirring their hearts and minds, and motivating them to apply Craig’s practical tips immediately. Craig tells stories, illustrates principles, and actually demonstrates practical tips.

Craig provides how-to content and inspiration from the podium, but he also leaves the podium and gets the audience involved. He likes it when things get spontaneous. Even edgy.

Craig challenges his audiences to look within. Craig leads his audiences to their own conclusions about how to improve meetings, communications, and group decisions; conclusions they become eager to act on.

Here’s what you get with each of my Keynotes:

  • Entertaining stories, laughter, and expert wisdom in simple terms
  • Audience interaction, spontaneity, group facilitation
  • Practical Tips that can be applied right away
  • Audience members get inspired, enthused and equipped to be more collaborative
  • Highlights, themes, and links provided after each session

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