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Craig Freshley is a great keynote speaker AND a master group facilitator. He teaches AND he demonstrates. Your audience will learn new insights and techniques for working in groups and NOT just by sitting and listening!

Leading Together

The Magic of Group Decisions

Check out the sample above. My keynote speeches are 45–120 minutes of inspiration, stories, audience interaction, laughter, and practical tips for group decision making.


And here are some other sample videos.

Dynamic, Productive, Inclusive

Sense of a Craig Freshley
Keynote in just one minute

The Wisdom of Group Decisions

A mini showcase of some of
Craig’s wisdom and theories


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Leading Together: The Magic of Group Decisions

One of Craig’s Keynote Topics

This Keynote is always tailored to YOUR audience but always includes audience interaction, inspirational stories, and lots of practical tips and techniques.

Craig brings stories to life with colorful characters, photos, and laughter. And he explains what elements of the stories contributed to, or detracted from, the magic of group decisions.

This is NOT the Keynote that you sit and listen to for an hour. In addition to Craig’s stories, be prepared to hear ideas and opinions from each other. Be prepared to contribute. And be prepared for Craig’s on-the-spot reactions, provocations, and practical suggestions.

Let Craig show your audience how each member of a group can be a leader and how the magic gets unlocked.


Other Topics

On this page is a list of training topics, any one of which can be delivered as a Keynote Address.


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Invite Craig to Light Up Your Audience!

Many corporate and community leaders fear meetings and group decisions as a waste of time and cause of conflict, yet group decisions done well result in break-through innovation, increased efficiency, and truly enthusiastic team players.

Imagine a new, disciplined, and inclusive approach to making decisions in groups that fosters efficiency, creativity, and passion for one’s work. Imagine fun and truly productive meetings, engaged and happy participants, and everyday innovation!

You don’t have to imagine. Introduce a fresh approach to group decisions today by bringing a Craig Freshley keynote or seminar to your event.

Craig’s keynote addresses are ideal for inspiring an audience, stirring their hearts and minds, and motivating them to apply Craig’s practical tips immediately. Craig tells stories, illustrates principles, and actually demonstrates practical tips.

Craig is a pretty daring guy. He likes it when things get spontaneous. Even edgy. He takes his audiences out of the comfort zone and into the “I’m gonna do things in new ways!” zone. He provides how-to content and inspiration from the podium, but he also leaves the podium and gets the audience involved.

Craig showcases and inspires model behavior. He challenges his audiences to look within and be deliberate going forward. Craig leads his audiences to their own conclusions about how to improve meetings, communications, and group decisions; conclusions they are eager to act on!


What You Get With Every Craig Freshley Keynote

•  Entertaining stories, laughter, and expert wisdom in simple terms

•  Audience interaction, spontaneity, group facilitation

•  Practical Tips that can be applied right away – from the stage and as a handout

•  Audience members get inspired, enthused and equipped to be more collaborative

•  Highlights and themes provided after each session – great as a handout to all participants to reinforce the learning

And for every keynote, summary or seminar, Craig provides handouts. Sometimes it’s a different one-page Good Group Tip for each participant. Sometimes is a special handout provided by Craig on a particular topic. Sometimes it’s a write up of themes that is provided to participants shortly after. Often times it’s all three!

The founder of Good Group Decisions, Craig demonstrates facilitative leadership in action. He captures the conclusions of the presentation for you to use. And he offers practical tips to help you implement good group decisions in any setting. Non-profits, educational institutes, small groups and businesses of every size benefit from his collaborative, results-driven events.

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Add Value

A Book for Everyone – Consider giving everyone in your group a copy of Craig’s book. What a great value-add for participants! Learn about Craig’s book here.

Additional Seminar or Presentation – If Craig will be a Keynote Speaker at your event, invite him to offer an additional seminar or presentation. It could be on a related topic or an entirely different topic. Learn about Craig’s seminars here.

Small Group Discussion or Facilitated Session – Take full advantage while Craig is in town. Invite a small group of leaders to have a meal with Craig or an intimate meeting. Craig is a world class facilitator: let him help you address a significant question or solve a significant problem.

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Craig Freshley’s motivational Keynotes, Conference Summaries, and Seminars offer you and your team practical insights that will sharpen your communication and decision making.

Craig’s calendar fills up fast so please call or write immediately if you have a specific date in mind or if you would like to discuss rates.

We want to be sure that the topic for your Keynote or Training Seminar is perfect for your group. You might choose one of the topics or approaches described on this page or we would be happy to develop something tailor-made for your needs. Let’s talk.

Please call or send us a note to get started on planning a Craig Freshley session that will help you excite, engage and innovate.