Seminar Topic

Tips for Good Communications

(including e-mail)



How we communicate has huge implications for productivity and social interaction. Craig illuminates basic principles of good communications – beginning with listening. He explores the many advantages of good listening and shares how you can use what you hear. You’ll learn which communication styles invite conflict, and which prevent it.

E-mail and social media provide participants with real-time examples of poor communication. Craig engages the audience in group discussion to draw useful conclusions about modern and emerging communications.


Sample Agenda

1. Opening Interactive Exercise – examples of poor communications

2. Communications Theory – why “understanding first” is so important

3. Small Group Discussions – what principles or tips should we most practice

4. Full Group Discussion – shout-outs or talk show discussion among leaders with Craig adding stories and lessons

5. Conclusions – offered by Craig based on comments

6. Last words – shout outs and last words from Craig

In addition, agendas on this topic often include team building exercises designed to highlight good communication techniques.

Another popular element of Craig’s communications seminars is often a discussion and conclusions about what type of media to use for what type of communication: face-to-face, phone call, e-mail, text, chat, etc. 


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