Seminar Topic

The Efficiency Solution: Right-Sized Decisions



When the head of a global tech giant says he doesn’t like meetings, you know something’s trending. For many people (not just the chief executive of Google) meetings are inefficient and a waste of time. Whether it’s a corporate meeting or the city council, valuable participants are cutting it short – or opting out entirely.

Craig’s answer is right-sized decision-making.  Simply put, it’s about tailoring the method to the magnitude. Big decision: bigprocess, little decision: little process. Craig engages the audience to demonstrates the workings and wisdom of good decision-making and proves that a smart process leads to the real objective: better decisions.


Sample Agenda

1. Quick Interactive Exercise – probably horror stories about group inefficiency

2. Group Decision-Making Theory – the efficiency and inefficiency levers

3. Small Group Discussions – what principles or tips should we most practice

4. Full Group Discussion – shout-outs or talk show discussion among leaders with Craig adding stories and lessons

5. Conclusions – offered by Craig based on comments

6. Last words – shout outs and last words from Craig


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