Seminar Topic

Strategic Planning Fast and Fun



Learn the quick, fun, and easy way to establish strategic direction for a group, an activity, an event, or whatever.

Craig-Freshley-Facilitative-LeadershipCraig has helped dozens and dozens of groups do “strategic planning in a day” and all such days end with a written statement of strategic direction (what the group intends to achieve over the long run) and written objectives with specific performance measures, timelines and responsibilities. In this seminar Craig explains the basics of strategic planning and how to implement his fast track method.


Sample Agenda 

1 – Opening – A quick warm up (why do people fear strategic planning?!?) about the seminar, ground rules, that sort of thing.

2 – Strategic Planning Basics – Almost all strategic planning efforts – whether they take many months and cost many thousands of dollars, or whether they take just a few hours and cost just hundreds of dollars – follow the same basic steps. Craig explains the steps and also explains the basic terminology: SWOT, vision, mission, goal, objective.

3 – Let’s make a plan! – With a real or hypothetical problem to solve (real ones are best if the group has one at hand), Craig leads the group through a lightning fast strategic planning activity that results in (1) a written statement of Strategic Direction; and (2) a whole lot learned about how to do strategic planning quick, fun, and easy.

4 – Questions and Discussion – Ask Craig whatever you want about strategic planning. Answers are filled with practical tips and specific resources to help participants lead quick, fun, and easy strategic planning efforts of their own.

5 – Conclusions – Offered by Craig based on everything discussed in the seminar.

6 – Last words – Shout outs from participants and last words from Craig.


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