Seminar Topic

The Sustainability Dilemma:

Long Term Decisions by Short Term Leaders



Perhaps the greatest obstacle to managing global resources is the powerful disincentive for leaders to make good decisions. Government and corporate leaders want short-term results, often at the expense of long-term interests.

Craig explores this monumental dilemma from a group decision-making perspective.  Using examples from a variety of disciplines to illustrate the problem, he engages the audience to brainstorm the issue. The result: a wide scope of innovative and unexpected solutions.



Sample Agenda


1. Quick Interactive Exercise – probably examples of short 

term, unsustainable decisions

2. Group Decision-Making Theory – overview of the ways in which we make group decisions

3. Small Group Discussions – what principles or tips should we most practice

4. Full Group Discussion – shout-outs or talk show discussion among leaders with Craig adding stories and lessons

5. Conclusions – offered by Craig based on comments

6. Last words – shout outs and last words from Craig


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