Seminar Topic

How to Handle Conflict with Positive Results



What’s the problem? Craig delves into the three primary causes of conflict and details a six-step method for conflict resolution. He also explains the principles of good communication, a valuable tool in any environment and the most skillful way to prevent conflict before it happens.

Things get really interesting when audience members are encouraged to share their own stories in a general way. Group problem-solving can happen on the spot. Audience members see conflict resolution in action, and even have fun with it!


Sample Agenda


1. Opening Interactive Exercise – let’s share a few about conflict (NOT stories involving those in the room but hypothetical ones), so we have some real examples to discuss and refer back to throughout the day

2. Group Conflict Theory – a quick overview of the causes and cures

3. Small Group Discussions – what principles or tips should we most practice

4. Full Group Discussion – shout-outs or talk show discussion among leaders with Craig adding stories and lessons; and discussion of how to apply principles to the stories we’ve already identified

5. Conclusions – offered by Craig based on comments

6. Last words – shout outs and last words from Craig


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