Keynote or Workshop

The Wisdom of Group Decisions



Why is it so hard to make group decisions? Why are meetings feared and loathed? Can’t we just all get along?

In a fast-paced interactive session laced with timeless principles and practical tips, Craig Freshley will answer these questions. He will explain three key ingredients for a good meeting, the basics of good communication, and how to manage conflict. Craig will ask questions too. Audience participation required!

Building on spontaneous stories, opinions, and discussion, Craig will lead the group to its own conclusions about how to improve meetings, communications, and group decisions.



A 45-Minute Keynote Address might look like this:

1. Quick Interactive Exercise – probably horror stories about bad group decisions

2. Group Decision-Making Theory – a quick overview of the different ways we make group decisions

3. Small Group Discussions – what principles or tips should we most practice

4. Full Group Discussion – shout-outs or talk show discussion among leaders with Craig adding stories and lessons

5. Conclusions – offered by Craig based on comments

6. Last words – shout outs and last words from Craig

An agenda for a longer presentation might be very similar to the above but with more time for Full Group Discussion and more time for sharing and discussing Stories that illustrate key concepts.


Add Value

A Book for Everyone – Consider giving everyone in your group a copy of Craig’s book. Paperbacks by volume cost as little as$5.95 each. What a great value-add for participants! We can even publish a Special Edition with your logo (or a sponsor’s logo) on the cover.

Additional Workshop or Presentation – If Craig will be a Keynote Speaker at your event, invite him to offer an additional workshop or presentation. It could be on a related topic or an entirely different topic.

Small Group Discussion or Seminar – Take full advantage while Craig is in town. Invite a small group of leaders such as sponsors, to have a meal with Craig or an intimate meeting. Let Craig help you address a significant question or solve a significant problem.



Craig’s calendar fills up fast. Call or write immediately if you have a specific date in mind.

Please call for rates.

We want to be sure that the topic for your keynote or presentation is perfect for your group. You might choose from a topic promoted at this website although we would be pleased to work with you to develop a tailor-made topic. Please call to discuss.