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Let a small group resolve it

Not everyone needs to be involved in solving every disagreement! In this video from Camp Kieve on Damariscotta Lake, Craig explains a very efficient way for disagreements to get resolved.

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Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody! Hey, it’s Craig Freshley here. Sometimes in a group there is a disagreement – probably the disagreement is mostly between three or four people, but yet there’s a tendency for the whole group to want to be involved in resolving that disagreement.

Also, sometimes the main points of the disagreement are represented by just two or three or four or five most outspoken people. So here’s a technique: If you have disagreement in your group think about the subset, the small group of people for whom, if those people were to agree, everyone else would agree.

You know, sometimes I’m on the fringe of the controversy. I don’t feel strongly about it. But if those people who do feel strongly about it could come to some agreement, I’d go along with that. So don’t necessarily involve the whole group in solving every disagreement or every tension. Think about the subset of people for whom, if those people could come to a resolution, we could all come to a resolution. That’s how groups resolve tensions and solve disagreements most efficiently.

I hope that little tip helps you help your group make good decisions.

Thanks for listening everybody!

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