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Little Free Library: SO much fun!


At a time of isolation and screens, setting up a neighborhood Little Free Library has been a joy.

The kids were grateful to have a project. And the parents were grateful for the kids to have a project!

We ordered a kit from the nonprofit organization called Little Free Library.

Step one: prime all the parts!




And figure out how to put it all together.







Screwing on the roof!








Five wet paintbrushes at the same time!








Screwing on the door!







And we needed a little footbridge to access our Little Free Library across a ditch. So we built that too.






Hammer. Hammer. Hammer.








All hands on deck!







Sawing the post.









We had a Grand Opening!

Kids delivered paper invites to every house on our street and around the neighborhood.

We cut a ribbon and people brought books to start the library.





Waiting to put books in the library.






More books in the library!

We have officially registered our Little Free Library and so we are on a global map with over 100,000 registered Little Free Libraries around the world.

Of course there are many unregistered book boxes too.

It’s such a fun way to bring neighbors together.

And promote reading.

And imagination.

Without screens!



Here I am with some of the kids who helped.






2 thoughts on “Little Free Library: SO much fun!

  1. Dear Little Library Makers…

    I LOVE the Little Library…it is so sweet to look at…and with a bridge too! It is a magical place were imagination lives. All those stories just full of imagination. You can actually read someone’s mind and heart…how cool is that.

    I have got some great books so far and left book for others to read.

    Thanks so much for this treasure of sharing.

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