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Lose now, win later

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In principle, more important than winning any particular decision is the health of the relationships that we carry into the next decision. Is it worth it to jeopardize a long-term relationship in order to win a short-term decision? Maybe, but not likely.

Further, a group member holding out for a win may block the group’s forward progress and perpetuate conflict. They are sure that they are right and that the group is wrong. Is an individual win more important than group peace? Sometimes, but not often.

The good thing about losing is that it often allows one to move on, let go of the battle. Compared to being stuck in conflict, losing and moving on can be very beneficial.

Practical Tip: Be thoughtful about when to fight and when to accept. Stand tall enough to see beyond the immediate conflict. Is it more important that I win now or that we win over the long run?

– Craig Freshley

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One thought on “Lose now, win later

  1. I like this tip because it reminds me to think about conflict in a different way and helps me ask myself, “is it more important right now to be right, or to be happy?”.

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