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Make deposits before withdrawals

In front of a bank on Maine Street, Craig explains how making deposits builds credit, and credibility, and how when everyone gives, everyone benefits.

Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everyone. Hey it’s Craig Freshley here, standing outside a bank on the main¬†street of my hometown, because I want to talk a little bit about deposits and withdrawals.

When I join a group, it works well if I am more concerned with what I’m going to give than what I’m going to get. Same with relationships: it works well when I begin by giving rather than asking for what am I going to get. If I try to make a withdrawal before I make a deposit, that’s called a loan. And that means that I owe something to somebody. But if I begin by making a deposit, now I have credit. I have credibility. And when I build up my credit and my credibility, I benefit and my group benefits. In fact, the whole community benefits when we are all more concerned with giving then getting.

Thanks for listening everybody! Here’s hoping that you help your group make good decisions.

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