Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Craig-Roundtable-Screen-Cropped - 2Where “facilitation” is typically working with a group of people to make good decisions, “mediation” is typically working with just two people, or two parties, that are in some sort of adversarial relationship.

Clients hire us to mediate conflicts; that is, work with the adversarial parties in a confidential process to help them see each other’s perspective and find resolution. We bring all parties together in a manner that feels safe and encourages communication. We help people learn about their own and others’ underlying interests, which often are very different from stated positions.

People make their own decisions in mediation. We do not impose our issues or make decisions for them. Agreements arising from mediation are much more likely to be upheld than those imposed by a boss or a judge.

Benefits of mediation:

– Mediation is confidential.
– Parties control the decisions and outcomes.
– Parties have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.
– The process is faster and less expensive than litigation.
– Resolution can often be reached in one session. More sessions can be scheduled as needed.

If there is a conflict in your group that is getting in the way of productivity and efficiency, consider hiring Good Group Decisions to help the parties understand each other, confront their conflict, and resolve it peacefully.