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Meeting Room Setup for Max Effectiveness

Meeting Room Set Up Screen Shot - 1Here is a link to a two-page handout that we often provide to clients when planning meetings. It shows several different meeting room layouts and describes our most commonly preferred layout in detail.

And here is a link to a quick 35-second time-lapse video of us setting up a meeting room. It’s pretty fun!


Meeting Room Set Up Screen Shot - 2And here is a link to an on-location video where Craig gives a little tour and explains his meeting room set up. This is at a yacht club in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Actually, this one’s pretty fun too.

The way that the meeting room looks the moment people enter is important. And so is the way that the room functions during the meeting. We take lots of care to match meeting room layout to the meeting objectives and agenda.

Thoughtful design of the meeting room layout is a key aspect of facilitating good group decisions.

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