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Moral compass

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In principle, there is something to be said for a moral compass handed down to us from our ancestors. As food customs protect us from poisoning, moral customs prevent bad things from happening.

Basic moral themes shared across cultures and continents are trustworthy guides: themes such as respect and compassion for all people, honesty, fairness, self worth, and respect for nature. Groups that consider universal morality when making decisions are more likely to make decisions that head us in good directions.

Practical Tip: Even if you are not breaking a law, or perhaps not getting caught, if you are breaking a widely shared moral code then there is a good chance that bad things will result.

When trying to decide the right thing to do, remember your moral compass…worth following when otherwise off the charts.

– Craig Freshley

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4 thoughts on “Moral compass

  1. It’s so simple and fundamental that it’s often over-looked, and then there’s a shock when you realize that some people are NOT operating from core moral principles as listed in this tip.

  2. One can generate a lot of conversation around ‘moral compass’ given many leaders are good at using these words in content and not walking the talk.

    Can’t agree more that the ‘moral compass’ is an excellent measurement for sound decision making and life in general….the desire to be attuned morally must be an honest request from within before we will see ‘moral compass’ results.

  3. With “Stories” and “Talk or Listen”
    this tip captures what I think is most important about living well and honestly. Relationships and belonging are the key to human happiness and each of these conveys the importance of each. “Stories” captures the value of helping people relate to others’ experiences as they listen and make meaning of the message. And stories also help people learn from the past, brining forward typically wise nuggets. “Moral compass” emphasizes integrity and true human compassion — something I strive to instill in my new infant daughter as I now feel this tremendous responsibility to nurture and shape the life of a sweet, innocent child. and “Talk or listen” is just SO TRUE that it is worth repeating again and again so everyone hears it! Again, I see my child watch intently…my movements, my facial expressions, my words, my eyes — silently. She is just a huge sponge, soaking in all that she can. I see how seriously she observes and can virtually see her little brain clicking as she is learning, silently. When she chats and babbles, it is totally external and she is practicing, practicing — not learning anything from her outside world while that’s happening! What a perfect example she is of “Talk or listen”. How wise children are.

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