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Move in your meetings

People at conferences want to move! And they want to meet new people and learn new things. In this little video, Craig explains how.

Here’s what Craig says in the video

Hi everybody. Hey its Craig Freshley here. I made this little video standing at the front of a group of people, that I was facilitating for a three hour session for. This video is going to loop around a couple times while I tell you what’s going on.

Now this three hour session was designed specially for people to get to know each other and to learn new things. These people are from all over the world! But they have similar jobs and rather than tell them from an expert how to do their jobs, we designed a session where they could learn from each other. And we did it by designing three rounds of table discussions. They sit eight-people-to-a-table with some specific questions to answer and as a result of their discussion, they draw drawings and words and whatever they want on big pieces of paper. And you can see some of those big pieces of paper being hung around the room in between the rounds.

This is actually the fun part: in between the rounds. I put on some crankin’ music through the house sound system and I tell them to walk around and give each other hand slaps and friendly smiles until the music stops. And when the music stops: sit down at whatever chair is closest to you. And that way they are sitting with new random people ready to learn new useful things from each other.

You know, we could have asked these people to sit for three hours and listen to best practices. We could’ve asked them to stand up one at a time and introduce themselves to the whole group. But the best way to meet new people and learn new things is to get people talking in small groups and moving around and changing groups. That’s what’s going on in this video!

Thanks for listening everybody.


One thought on “Move in your meetings

  1. Very creative approach and would be interesting to see if it will work with all age groups and executive level corporate employees

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