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In principle, to name is to understand. It’s huge. It is key to solving problems and resolving conflicts. When just the right words are used to name a situation, a perspective, a feeling, it can bring instant relief and instant forward progress. By leaps and bounds. Naming the problem is over half way to solving it.

Practical Tip: Name situations, perspectives, feelings; that is, describe them in ways that ring true. Do not avoid thinking about a hard problem or conflict; rather, think about how to think about the problem or conflict. Give it a name.

Name things without judgment. Name things out loud for others to agree or challenge. Name things with honesty and integrity, not to mislead. Be open to names suggested by others and open to re-naming.

– Craig Freshley

Click here for one-page PDF of this Tip, a great way to print or share.

5 thoughts on “Name

  1. Thanks so much for your comment, Vicki.
    I LOVE getting comments like this! Of course. Haha.
    Really, much appreciated.

  2. Amazingly profound. The truth always lies in simplicity and you have proven that with this analysis. This one goes on the sticky note on my computer as a guide for all my conversations, projects and dreams.

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