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No one dominates

Good Group Tips

In principle, the next great idea might come from anywhere, not just from the person with the most power or who talks the most. Groups seeking truly creative decisions invite and make room for creative suggestions from all participants. When naturally dominant people are humble and when naturally shy people are courageous, prospects for good group decisions are dramatically increased.

Practical Tip: If you have a strong opinion about something or recognize that you are dominating, consider even for a second that there might be a better way than yours; there might be better ideas out there worth hearing. The less you talk, the more you hear.

If you are part of a group where someone is dominating the conversation, speak up and say that you would like to hear from others. Say, “We appreciate your views but would like to hear other views also. Is there someone else who would like to weigh in on this?” In this way it’s not about shutting someone up, rather it’s about wanting to hear from others.

Appreciate and validate the dominant comments, then move on.

– Craig Freshley

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6 thoughts on “No one dominates

  1. Craig, this is an especially resonant tip! The advice to the naturally dominant to be humble, and to the naturally shy to be courageous, is brilliantly well put. I will remember, and use, this Good Group Tip. Thank you so much!

  2. A very nice reflection that can be used to start off a meeting where you anticipate there may be a dominant attendee…it is a useful tip to encourage participation from all.

  3. hands off,know your lines,no one dominates — all three of these are something that i have been dealing with in our group and if more members under stood there meaning we could make better decisions more timely

  4. I believe that members are all leaders, and when they share the space, each moving in and out as they have something to add or to lead, much richer information shows up, more effective collaboration, and therefore much faster group development.

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