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Okay to change your mind

Good Group Tips

In principle, leaders are often criticized for changing their minds on issues because it apparently indicates weakness, inconsistency, lack of commitment to a particular doctrine. It may indicate that one is subject to influence. Yet groups make their best decisions when every group member is subject to influence, when each one of us is open to hearing and acting on the wisdom of others and on new information.

Changing one’s mind for trivial or self-serving reasons may indicate weakness, but changing one’s mind in the face of new truths indicates growth and evolution.

Practical Tip: Know your values and morals but do not be so attached to them that they cause you to deny new truths. Be in touch with your beliefs but also open to new information and new beliefs. One of the most powerful and helpful things one can say in a meeting is, “Well, okay, I’ve changed my mind.”

The thing we can count on about our world is that it is always changing. To make good group decisions we need to be open to changing with it.

– Craig Freshley

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