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In principle, there are many things out of my control but, for most of us, within my control is how I spend my time and money. I get to decide what to participate in and what to opt out of. I cannot control a television show but I can opt out of watching it. I cannot control how a consumer product is made but I can opt out of buying it.

Another choice I have when I confront something I do not like is to try to defeat it. This is doing battle, sometimes in a straight path of destruction. Opting out is a winding path.

Both fighting and opting out affect the provider of the product or message we dislike. When people in large numbers opt out of buying a product, the provider stops providing it. Boycotting is a very effective way to make good group decisions, and peaceful.

Practical Tip: Don’t opt out of agreements already made but with new choices, steer your time and money away from things you oppose. Each personal choice you make sends a message.

As a group, make choices based on participation. If people aren’t showing up or otherwise contributing to a particular activity, discontinue it.

– Craig Freshley

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